After thinking about it for days you finally decided to do it, you will start your own blog and start writing about your passion.

You are not very tech-savvy but you remember you heard about WordPress, a platform that could help you set up your blog with minimal efforts.

The problem now is to find where to host your blog so you decide to start googling: “best wordpress hosting 2018”.

You are presentend with many results, probably something that looks like this:

Screenshot-2018-6-6 best wordpress hosting 2018 - Google Search

I started a wordpress site just 6 months ago and my knowledge of Hosting for WordPress was close to 0, so i entrusted my decision based on articles similar to the ones above.

Most of the recommended hosting companies are fine, they will do the job and you will encounter no problem throughout your contract with them, but there is one thing I would like to discuss about here: referrals.

Don’t get me wrong, referrals are a great way to monetize your site and to earn by sharing products that you think are worthy and useful for your audience.

What I have noticed, browsing these “top 10 best WordPress hosting” lists is that most of them are just a big advertisement for those hosting companies.

Every link is a referral and every so-called promotion is fake.


The problem with referrals and fake offers

Let’s look at this article from titled: “How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?”.

In this article they mentioned 5 hosting companies and for each one of them they provided a link to create an account.

All the links are referrals but it’s ok, there is nothing wrong with that.
What I find misleading and cheating is that they claim fake promotions to attract more customers.

Look at these screenshot from the very first hosting they advertise, Bluehost (which I am also using for one of my website).

Wow, an exclusive deal only if I register through their referral, that’s awesome!! Or is it?

Here lies the problem I have with these articles, lying about offers that are just non existent.

If you were to compare the price available following the link to the normal one you would see that there is no difference.

The same applies for all the other hostng and for most of the “best WordPress hosting” articles you will encounter online.


How much money do they make through affiliates?

We all know that affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize your website, but maybe you still don’t know how profitable are all these hosting affiliate programs.

This one is the affiliate program from Hostgator, most of the others looks very similar.

You dont have to be a math genious to understand that we are talking about a lot of money for websites like the abovementioned.

If more than 21 people signup through your affiliate, the commission is a whopping 125$ per signup.

Now you have a better idea why these website try to lure customers with these “exclusive offers” while in reality the price you get through them is the same as you would normally get.


How to find the best hosting for your needs

Choosing an hosting suitable for you is not easy and if you are a beginner it can be very easy to fall into these traps.
My tip is to do your own research, be very cautious about these “Top 10” and try to look elsewhere for information.

I suggest you to join a facebook group about WordPress hosting such as WordPress Hostng where you can get more information from people that use these hosting daily and that have no interest in spamming you affiliates.

Another great place to seek information is Reddit, check out the WordPress subreddit.

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this, are you ok with companies doing everything just to get those affiiliate commissions or you think that this is a bad practice?

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